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AnyOption ( is a binary options broker that boasts having the fastest payout times in the industry. They have a unique trading platform that is great for both new and experienced traders, giving you room to grow within the site at your own pace. They’re a trusted site and are closely regulated by CySec. Many people have found that this is their ideal broker, so it is worth a quick lookover if you are thinking of finding a new broker for your needs.

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What to Trade

This binary options broker focuses mostly on non U.S. interests, but you can find quite a few international assets, too. There are many stocks, indices, Forex currency pairs, and commodities offered at this site. You can trade the call/put binaries here, as well as the popular one touch choices, too. They also offer an exotic option that they call Binary 0-100. These have huge profits, sometimes more than 1,000 percent, and can be executed with a single click. They are not easy to be correct with and they do require some effort, but this is a unique tool that you can use to multiply your earnings in a big way.

The Benefits

AnyOption is a widely used site and is extremely secure. They have a great reputation and a large amount of underlying assets to choose from, making them extremely popular all around the world.

If you use the Option+ feature, you also will have an ability to sell certain options back before they expire if you wish. There is a limited window of opportunity for this, but if it has become clear that your trade is a losing one, selling back your option for a partial loss is better than waiting and losing all of your money.

The Negatives

US Traders Not AllowedWith this site,one of the biggest negative aspects is that some of the trading selections are difficult to use. However, this should only trip up brand new traders to the site, and these individuals should not be attempting the more advanced trades anyway. Another downfall is the fact that it can be difficult to get a bonus on your deposit. This is only problematic for some people, though, since most traders do not deposit enough money into an account to get a worthwhile bonus at any site. The bonuses that these people get are usually lost or never unlocked, so for the majority of people, this is a non-issue.

They do not have the highest rates of return out there, usually going up to only 80 percent. However, they do allow for large amounts of customization and they have a bigger than normal asset index to choose from which partially makes up for this.

One last negative here is that if you are trading short term options, you will not have access to the charts you need to be successful and time things correctly. This can easily be overcome with outside sources, though, especially if you are trading currency pairs since there are some very good real time charting packages out there that you can get for free.

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Getting Started

Trading here is really easy since their platform is simple yet effective. They do not allow traders from the U.S. at the moment, but like all new financial products, this may be subject to change in the future. However, elsewhere in the world, AnyOption is becoming one of the top names when it comes to making a quick profit.

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